Fake News 101: Don’t get fooled again

In Don’t Get Fooled Again, a WEBterranean trainer will gleefully take you into the world of news and its fake counterpart: how and why we’re bombarded by so much information, who wants us confused, and how to bring a little clarity to the mess. You’ll go home with the resources you need to start breaking out of the morass disinformation specialists and their clients want you in.

The seminar is 60-90 minutes long and has plenty of time for questions. Open seminars are $25 per person; contact WEBterranean for information and pricing to schedule a seminar for your group.

Attending any WEBterranean seminar gives you access to the WEBmine, where journalists and experts whose only agenda is to help you through this mess dig around and talk about it. WEBmine includes a monthly newsletter and occasional alerts for breaking news. It may not solve all the world’s problems, but it’ll be entertaining and educational.